The Northumberland Golf Club
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This is not one of those forgettable courses where you struggle to distinguish one hole from another. Nor is it an unrelenting slog - tactical golf is required, typical of the designers, H.S. Colt and James Braid and worthy of its position as a Regional Open Qualifying course from 2013.

The closing 4 holes into the prevailing westerly are a real challenge and will require all your skill and concentration.

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A fine opening risk and reward hole.

A fine opening risk and reward hole.  The long hitter can try for the green, over the trees but the conservative way is hit an iron to the bottom of the hill leaving about a hundred yards to the green, guarded by a steep bunker to the right and the racecourse to the left.

YARDS - 319 PAR - 4


A tricky and tight hole

Places a premium on a long straight drive and an accurate second shot to a well guarded green with a narrow entrance.  The long hitter can reach the bunker in the middle of the fairway and the one on the right is in range for most.

YARDS - 434 PAR - 4


A simple par 5

The longer hitter needs to avoid the far cross bunkers while the big bunker on the left catches out the rest.  Do not go long when playing to the green.

YARDS - 497 PAR - 5


Two Bunkers

The two bunkers come into play for most although the left hand one can be cleared by the longer hitter unless the wind is against.  Decision time for the second shot - lay up to the far middle bunker or go over it to a big dip in front of the green.  Avoid missing the green to the left.

YARDS - 507 PAR - 5


A straightforward par 3

A straightforward par three which can play quite long into a westerly. Aim for the middle of the green to take bunkers out of play and avoid being long.

YARDS - 186 PAR - 3


The drive requires length and accuracy

Too far to the right and you must go over a stand of tall trees - too far to the left and the ball kicks left on the sloping fairway into the rough leaving a long second.  Once in the middle of the fairway it is a relatively simple second to a well bunkered green.

YARDS - 401 PAR - 4


Easiest Hole on the Course!

A straightforward par three to a well bunkered green which slopes steeply from right to left.  Don't miss to the right. Better to be long than short.

YARDS - 171 PAR - 3


A simple second

A row of bunkers up the right catches the fading shot while the longer hitter must avoid the far bunker on the left.  A fairly simple second but don't miss left as you could end up on the racecourse ten feet below the green.

YARDS - 355 PAR - 4


A generous area for the drive with no bunkers

Time to open the shoulders.  A fairway bunker on the right, short of the green needs to be avoided with your second if you want your birdie.  Remember it is a huge green.

YARDS - 516 PAR - 5


Another par 3

With a well bunkered green.  If you miss the green and the bunkers to the right or the left you are left with a tricky chip.

YARDS - 173 PAR - 3


Dog leg right

Either lay up short of the bunker on the left or try and drive through the narrow gap leaving just a wedge to a fiercely sloping green, but don't go through as it's thick. 

YARDS - 381 PAR - 4


How to play No.12

Bunkers to the right and left can catch your drive unless there is a strong wind behind and the green is protected by seven bunkers and the road and racecourse behind. Take enough club to get over the middle greenside bunker.

YARDS - 404 PAR - 4


The drive needs to be straight and long

To a narrow fairway!  Get into the rough and the green can be out of range.  A difficult second to a green guarded by an unseen bunker and bank to the left and a copse of trees to the right. 

YARDS - 470 PAR - 4


The tee shot requires courage,

Particularly in a west wind as out of bounds runs up the right hand side only a few yards from the green.  Bunkers and heather can catch the shot that isn't quite out the middle of the club. It is further than you think – check the wind

YARDS - 148 PAR - 3


The last Par 5

This hole requires an accurate drive down the right missing the bunkers on the left and then a layup between or short of the two fairway bunkers if you cannot reach the green.

YARDS - 513 PAR - 5


A difficult par 4

A straight drive is required as the bunker on the left is in range for the longer hitter and the racecourse guards the right.  A tricky second to a well bunkered green with a narrow entrance.

YARDS - 440 PAR - 4


A shorter par 4

If the wind is behind, an iron off the tee is safest to avoid the bunker on the left and the trees on the right.  A straightforward second to the green but don't go long.

YARDS - 364 PAR - 4


A magnificent finishing hole

The drive needs to be long, aimed at the left side of the clubhouse to a generous fairway.  The second is all uphill to a very large green and usually requires at least one or two more clubs. 

YARDS - 408 PAR - 4